Three Filipinas walk onstage like it’s a fashion show in glamorous silver dresses. In a very feminine voice, they tell Simon Cowell their dream is to be like Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls – but tonight they aren’t singing “Baby One More Time”. The backing music to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” starts playing and no one could believe the noise that came out of these girls when they opened their mouths to sing. After their performance, they tell Simon it was their little “surprise” for him. Their shocking audition gained a whopping 56 million views on YouTube and is certainly one of the most unique acts the show has seen. Watch video in Liηk ιn сσmmeηt

Miss Tres: A Show-Stopping Performance on Britain’s Got Talent

The Filipina trio Miss Tres made a grand entrance on Britain’s Got Talent, strutting onto the stage in glamorous silver dresses as if walking a runway. They told Simon Cowell that their dream was to be like Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls. However, they hinted at a “surprise” for everyone. When the music started, instead of “Baby One More Time,” they performed Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” in a powerful baritone.

Aged 35-43, Miss Tres knew how to captivate an audience. Judge David Walliams was particularly impressed, and the entire room erupted in cheers when the trio began singing. They showcased groovy dance moves, took turns with lead vocals, and harmonized perfectly. Their resonant voices paid homage to Tom Jones’ signature song.

The unique audition was a hit with viewers at home, amassing 56 million views and cementing Miss Tres as Britain’s Got Talent royalty. They became one of the top 24 most popular acts in the show’s history. The live audience was equally enthusiastic, giving the trio a standing ovation.

After their performance, Cowell bantered with the group, asking, “Were you hiding a little secret from us at the beginning?” One member responded, “Guess what, Simon,” then dramatically lowered her voice, saying, “Surprise!” Amanda Holden praised them, saying, “The voices were fantastic. You look amazing.” Miss Tres has also appeared on Asia’s Got Talent, where their video garnered 35 million views.

“Watch the video below to see their unforgettable performance.”

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