This dog was found in the middle of the road, covered in so much matted fur that she looked like a wig. But after being rescued, she’s unrecognizable — see her now in the comments ❤️

The transformation a haircut can bring about is very amazing, especially for a dog. Dogs who are abandoned or stray frequently have unmanaged fur, which tangles and mattes them and causes them grief.

One stray dog was discovered recently with so much fur that she “looked like a wig” before receiving a transformative makeover from a rescue.

Recently, a seriously matted dog discovered in the middle of the road was saved by Mac’s Mission, a nonprofit organization dedicated to special needs dog rescue in Missouri. The dog, who was now going by Pear, had thick, matted fur and was in horrible condition.

Pear “didn’t even look like a dog,” according to the rescue, who also said that she “looked like a wig” and was “just a wad of hair.”

After the rescue took her in, a group of volunteers began assisting Pear and giving her a “spa session” to get rid of all of her fur.

Rescue founder Rochelle Steffent told Newsweek, “We got her cleaned up, shaved down, and a bath to get rid of any grime and fleas.” She promptly dozed off after settling into one of our places.

Pear was a very kind and patient girl during the entire process: “She was the sweetest and just sat there while we got all the terrible thick matts of her which took quite a while.”

She continued by saying that Pear was fortunate not to have had a vehicle crash and that she was relieved that there were no maggots in her fur. Pear, however, appears to have lost an eyeball due to an earlier accident.

Photos of Pear taken before and after her treatment were provided by Mac’s Mission, showcasing her amazing recovery:

Thanking their supporters on Facebook, the rescue remarked, “Pear has a new life ahead of her thanks to you all.”

It’s difficult to believe that Pear is the same dog because she looks so gorgeous! We appreciate Mac’s Mission providing this adorable dog with a much-needed facelift!

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