Old Men Sitting On A Bench…We’ve chuckled with tears with this joke… YOU CAN READ ENTIRE JOKE IN THE FIRST COMMENT

We can never get tired of good jokes and this one will definitely make your day.

Two elderly gentlemen are sitting on a bench at the park when a young, smoking hot girl runs past in a sports bra and a tiny pair of shorts.

Ana Lourenco/ Pexels

One of the men smiles and the girls approaches them. “Why are you staring at me and grinning, you pervert?” she says.

The old man sweetly replies “My dear I’m not smiling at you, I’m smiling at the thought that no matter how bad the world gets, there will always be young, pretty girls in the summer to cheer up a lonely old man.”

Maria Orlova/ Pexels

The girl replies “awwwww you sweet old man” leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek and jogs on.The old man turns to his friend and says “3 to zip Mugley, your turn.”

This joke is yet another proof that the elderly, having been part of this world for many years, are often wiser than the rest of us.

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