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In the world of public service, it’s not uncommon to form bonds with those you serve regularly.
This is especially true for mail carriers, who become familiar faces in the neighborhoods they serve.

Ra’sheen Turpin, a dedicated mailman in Phoenix, Arizona’s Garfield Historic Neighborhood, knows this all too well.

Over his eight years on the job, he’s watched kids grow up and formed close relationships with many residents, including 81-year-old Margo.

Margo, living alone, has always been the caretaker of her property. She took great pride in her yard work until a severe fall landed her in the hospital.

This incident not only affected her health but also left her yard in a state of neglect.
Despite her best efforts, Margo, now reliant on a cane and struggling to bend over, found her once-pristine yard overgrown and unkempt.

It was during his regular rounds that Ra’sheen noticed Margo attempting to clean her yard.


Struggling to haul away dead palm fronds, she embodied determination but clearly needed help.

Ra’sheen, unable to assist directly due to his work, came up with a different plan to aid Margo.

Understanding the power of community, Ra’sheen took a photo of Margo in her yard and posted it on Facebook, appealing to the local community for assistance.

His act of kindness quickly resonated with the community, garnering an overwhelming response.

Among the many who responded was Samantha Young, a local small business owner specializing in house cleaning and yard work.

Moved by Margo’s situation, Samantha didn’t hesitate to offer her help.
In less than a day, she transformed Margo’s yard, clearing away the debris and mowing the lawn, restoring it to its former glory.

Samantha’s selfless act was done free of charge, but the community’s gratitude didn’t stop there. People from the Facebook group sent donations to Samantha for her kind deed.

Sitting with Margo on her porch, Samantha reflected on the possibility of using the funds to help others in similar situations.
Margo, looking forward to the complete restoration of her yard, expressed her anticipation for the day it would be fully done.

When asked about his motivation for helping Margo, Ra’sheen shared his thoughts.
“I saw her doing that,” he said, “and I was like ‘Oh no, she shouldn’t be doing that’.”

He emphasized the importance of service in his role, stating, “It’s called the United States Postal Service, but some people forget the ‘service’ part. We’re here to help. It costs nothing to be kind, nothing.”

This story is more than just about a mailman and an elderly woman; it shows the power of community and kindness.
Ra’sheen’s simple act of posting a photo sparked a chain of events that not only helped Margo but also brought a community together.

This story is a beautiful reminder of how small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Check out the full story in the video below!

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