It’s hard to describe how scared I was for my son.

Cheating is never a good idea, because eventually, the cheaters get caught and they get a taste of their own medicine.

Below are three stories about cheating husbands.

1. I Met My ‘Dead’ Husband on Tinder

A woman named Maria lost her husband Dan in what she described as a horrible car accident. The image of his vehicle engulfed in flames and his body trapped inside hunted her every single day. As she was thinking about him and just how much she missed his smile, his laughter, and his presence, her friends Jane suggested that she needed to move forward as three months have passed by and that she needed to think of ways to pay the piles of debt her husband left her with.

The thought of meeting other people felt distant. Maria never thought she could ever be with another man, but Jane suggested she creates a Tinder account just to keep herself busy.


As the night came, Maria decided to take her friend’s advice. But just as she set her account with a stranger’s photo and started going through it, a familiar face appeared on her screen. She stumbled upon a profile that had her husband’s photo on it.

Her heart stopped for a second, but she pulled herself together and convinced herself that someone must have used Dan’s photo.

As she swiped right, they matched.


After some time, Maria received a message from the man. “Hi, what’s up?” he wrote. Shaking, she answered that she was making lasagna, making sure she sounded as normal as possible. “I knew someone who made excellent lasagna,” he responded. This was strange because she used to made lasagna for Dan all the time.

He then wrote that he was looking for tickets.

“Really? You’re planning a trip?” Maria replied.

“Yes, decided to take a break. Can’t choose which country to fly to,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Italy,” Maria wrote back. She always wanted to go to Italy with Dan, but he never agreed because he thought Italians were too emotional for his liking. He hated the weather there, too.

“Don’t like Italy. The climate’s too hot, and people are too emotional. But… they know how to cook!” the man replied.


Could this be just a coincidence or there was more to the story than Maria ever assumed?

The man who had Dan’s picture on his profile then shared that he loved hiking, just like Dan.

Maria then wrote him that she wanted to have coffee with him, and he agreed so they decided on a place to meet.

The following day, she went to the location but the man never showed up, so she tried to convince herself that she was just imagining things and that it wasn’t possible Dan to be alive.


Confused, Maria drove to Jane’s house to tell her everything, but just as she arrived at her house, she spotted a sign in front of it which said the house was on sale.

Her neighbor told Maria that Jane left some time before that and that she headed to the airport. This didn’t make any sense. Her best friend couldn’t possibly leave without telling her about it.

Maria called Jane’s sister and asked her if she knew anything, but she said she didn’t.


Maria knew she needed to act quickly. She started her car and started driving to the airport. Once there, she spotted Jane in the distance. She was with a man, but Maria couldn’t tell who that man was because she couldn’t see his face and couldn’t see clearly because they were far away.

Poor Maria reached the security barrier just as they placed their bags on the conveyor belt. She tried to follow them, but a security officer stopped her.

“Ticket and ID, ma’am,” he said firmly.

“Look, I need to get through. It’s urgent!” she explained.

But the officer didn’t budge. “Without a ticket, I can’t let you through.”

After giving it some thought, Maria decided to go to the police station and present her doubts. She believed Dan was alive and he and Jane made the plan to fake his death together.

Detective Martinez heard her story, but he said there wasn’t much they could do because all of Dan’s accounts were frozen because of his debts so they couldn’t track down any of his transactions.

It was a huge risk, but Maria decided to sell her house and rent a small apartment. She used the money to cover Dan’s debts and left money on his accounts, but some time passed by and nothing happened. Then, one day, Detective Martinez called her and told her that someone withdrew the money from Dan’s account. Luckily, they were able to track him down because of transactions. He was in Austria.


A few weeks later, Maria received the call she was waiting for so long. Dan was arrested when he tried to cross the border into Switzerland.

When they were finally at the station, Maria was there listening to them confess. Dan and Jane were having an affair and when his business collapsed and he faced a hard time coping with the financial loses, the two decided to fake his death using a homeless man’s body.

Despite all the pain they caused her, Maria was happy her husband and her best friend faced their karma. As for her, she was finally able to move forward.

2. I hid in my husband’s rear seat to uncover his dark secret

Woman sharing a story of how she caught her husband cheating and left him with nothing started her story explaining how her husband, Daniel, started acting strangely. She could feel she had someone else in his life so she hired a private detective to clear her doubts. However, Daniel found out about the private detective and silenced him with money so he assured OP that her husband wasn’t cheating on her.

One day, as they were driving home, Daniel felt distant. In order to start a conversation, OP asked him what he wanted for dinner, but he was way too absent mentally in order to be able to answer.


When they arrived home, they noticed the lights in the living room were on and water could be heard running from the bathroom upstairs. OP asked Daniel if he had left the tap open when he left the house, but instead of answering, he asked OP to go grab his lap top from his car while he was checking why the tap was dripping.

Not wanting to get into a fight, OP went outside to get the lap top and once she returned, Daniel told her that the bathroom was flooded and that she shouldn’t go upstairs, but OP was determined to check that out herself.

YouTube/ DramatizeMe

When she entered the bathroom, she noticed water on the floor, which certainly wasn’t flood. Suspicious, she entered the bedroom and that’s when she noticed a pink towel peeking from the closet; an undeniable proof of another woman’s presence in the house.

“With trembling hands, I approached the closet, dreading what I might find. I couldn’t bring myself to open the door, overwhelmed by the betrayal. I sank onto the floor, my back against the closet,” OP wrote.

YouTube/ DramatizeMe

“Tears streamed down my face as I spoke to the empty room.”

“I thought we had the perfect marriage,” she confessed to the silence. “I tried my best to save this marriage. I thought I was brave enough to face his infidelity. But I’m not, I think. You must be more attractive than me…”

At that moment, the door of the closet opened. There was a woman inside, Sophia, who whispered with a trembling voice, “I didn’t know he was married. He told me to hide inside the closet.”

“It’s not your fault,” OP told the poor woman, as tears kept running down her face.

The two women betrayed by the same man decided to get their revenge.

YouTube/ DramatizeMe

Daniel was still downstairs, and that’s when Sophia joined him, covering his eyes with her palms. Daniel got out of his seat, “What the hell? You were supposed to leave!” he said, panicking. Sophia, however, assured him that his wife was taking a shower and that’s why she was able to leave the bedroom without being noticed.

“I’m tired of being a secret, Daniel,” Sophia declared boldly. “It’s me or her, and I want you to decide now!”

YouTube/ DramatizeMe

Daniel assured her that he would file for divorce, but at that point, she needed to leave. He gave her a blanket to cover herself and told her to sit at the backseat of his car while and wait for him while he grabbed his keys. While he was looking for the keys, OP and Sophia changed places and OP found herself covered in a blanket inside her cheating husband’s car.

When he entered the vehicle, he said how he resented his wife, he didn’t love her any longer and couldn’t wait to end the marriage.

Listening to his words, OP took the blanket off. At the same moment, Sophia approached his window. He was shocked, realizing his dark secret was out.

YouTube/ DramatizeMe

“Thanks to Sophia’s evidence and my recording, I’ll take everything from you, including our business, Daniel!” OP told him confidently.

“Let’s not make a big deal out of this,” he pleaded, but OP didn’t want to listen to his words.

“You’ll get your divorce,” she said calmly. “I’ll get our business lawyer to draw up the papers. I’m sure she’ll be happy to do that. I hope you can afford her with what little you’ll have left when we’re through. Remember our prenup? And yeah, keep the car. You can live in it if you don’t find a place!”

OP was betrayed. She turned the back to the man she once loved determined to start her life over.

3. The ‘ghost’ in our house

One day, Jake, a young boy, was home from school early. As he entered the house, he was welcomed by the soft tunes of Billie Holiday coming from the bedroom.

Inside, there was someone who was making strange noises. As his mother wasn’t home, he decided to enter the bedroom and check.

His stepfather, Herman, was having “fun” with a lady who wasn’t Jake’s mother. Realizing that is stepson saw him with another woman, his lover Jezebel, Herman panicked.


He asked Jake why he was home that early, to what the boy replied that there was a lockdown scare at the school. They thought there was a gunman on campus and let the students go.

“Herman, who is this lady?” Jake asked, looking at Jezebel.

Herman decided to play games with the boys mind and denied his lover’s presence. “Jake, you must be seeing things,” he said. “You’re still scared after what happened at your school.”

“But I see a lady right there, Herman,” Jake replied.


“Hey, buddy,” he said, softening a little. “Close your eyes and count to ten. It’ll disappear if you do that. And you see, if you can’t see the ghost, it can’t see you.”

Jake did what he was told. He closed his eyes and counted to ten, leaving Jezebel enough time to hide.

When he opened his eyes, the lady whom Herman claimed was a ghost, was gone and Jake, being young and innocent, believed he made magic and got excited.

Herman told him not to share the story about the ghost with his mom and Jake agreed.

However, during dinner time, Jake mentioned the ghost and described it as a lady with big, frizzy hair. His mom was puzzled. Herman panicked and told his wife that Jake was just imagining things because he was disturbed by the school’s lockdown.

Still, the boy’s mom knew something odd was going on.


“I’ll call the school and get Jake an appointment with the psychologist,” she told Herman. “Now that you’re not working, you can take him to the appointment.”

“Maybe you should spend less time at that Moe’s Diner you visit often and help more with Jake,” she suggested stiffly, taking to Herman.

Scared for her son, the mom took Jake to the doctor’s.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Warren reassured her. “I think what’s happening with Jake is a classic case of Kleinian Projective Identification. It involves a child projecting feelings onto another or the world outside, often to make the other person experience what the projector is feeling, causing delusional behavior like Jake’s. We can deal with this.”

“I just want what’s best for Jake,” I said worriedly. “If you think you can help him, then we’ll do whatever it takes.”

After the appointment, the mom took Jake to lunch at Moe’s Diner, the place her husband frequented.


There, Jake saw the ghost, or better said his stepfather’s lover Jezebel, who worked there as a waitress.

Looking at her, Jake closed his eyes and started counting to ten. She dropped their food and left, leaving Jake believing that his magic of making her disappear worked again.

His mom then figured everything out. Her son never saw a ‘ghost,’ but he saw his stepfather with that woman, and Herman tried to make the boy delusional.

Just to be sure, the mom approached Jezebel and asked her if she could use her phone to make a quick call. When she dialed her husband’s number she saw he was saved as ‘Loverman’ on Jezebel’s phone.


Once home, the woman called a moving company to have Herman’s things out of her home. When he entered the place and saw the things were being moved out, he asked his wife what was going on, but she decided to do to him exactly what he did to Jake.

“Herman, what men? I don’t see any men. You must be seeing ghosts. Oh, and to be clear, those are not our things; they are your things.”

At that moment, he realized he was busted.

“I will never forgive you for what you did to my child,” she told him. “The time for lies and infidelity is over. You know what you are to me now? A ghost!”


What’s most, she told him that she and Dr. Warren initiated charges against him for emotional abuse against her son.

Just then, two officers approached Herman and told him his rights as they took him away. The justice was served.

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