If you see a painted purple fence, this is what it means

For years, people have tried to protect their properties from vandals and trespassers.

Some chose to hang signs that remind others not to trespass,but since they are likely destroyed and taken off by vandals, property owners now use another method to send the clear message: “Stay out,” by painting their fences purple.

A pained purple fence as a sign of forbidden trespassing is even regulated by law in some U.S. states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Other states, such as Idaho and Montana, use orange paint for similar purposes.

But why is purple the most suitable color? That’s because it is easy to differentiate, it’s highly visible, and even recognized by color blind people.

Using purple color to mark property boundaries is not a new concept. On the contrary, it has existed for many years. Arkansas was the first state to enact “posting paint” legislation in 1989.

In Texas, for example, purple paint on posts or trees indicates that the land is off-limits to all trespassers. In North Carolina on the other hand, it indicates that such boundaries can be crossed by outdoor enthusiasts as long as they avoid, fishing, hunting, or trapping activities.

So, whenever you are outdoors, make sure you pay attention if there are any fences or trees painted purple in order to avoid getting into trouble.

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Trespassing is punishable by law in most countries, and the law dates back to medieval England.

The punishments for such crimes may include jail time from months to years, with the fines reaching even $10,000 in certain jurisdictions.

When a property owner decides to protect their property using purple paint, they are expected to follow certain guidlines.

The purple stripes should be vertical, at least 1 inch wide, 8 inches long, positioned 3-5 feet above the ground, and spaced no farther than 100 feet apart.

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In case you use it on trees, make sure you avoid using oil-based paint because it could harm them.

It is also important to spread awareness of the meaning of the purple-painted fences because that way we help protect property, plants, people, and wildlife effectively.

Remember that you should always preserve private property.

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