Grace Kellys’ granddaughter is all grown up and the 24-year-old is her reincarnation! Photo in comments..

The name of iconic actress and Princess Grace Kelly still stands for everlasting beauty, even years after her dead. This incredible woman whose career only lasted for around six years marked the period of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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Kelly was born on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father, John B. Kelly, was a gold-medal winning oarsman, and her uncle was the playwright George Kelly. It was George who was Kelly’s biggest support. He truly wanted his niece to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress and monitored her rise to fame in Hollywood.


Throughout the years that she was active on the screen, Kelly played alongside huge names in the industry. She made her debut with a role in Fourteen Hours, but made her breakthrough as Gary Cooper’s Quaker wife in High Noon in 1952. From that point on, Kelly stared in a number of famous films such as the adventure romance Mogambo with Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. This role brought her the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. Other significant movies Kelly played in are The Country Girl for which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, the comedy musical High Society, and three Alfred Hitchcock movies Dial M for MurderRear Window; and To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant.


When she was just 26, Kelly already earned herself the status of highest-paid and most respected actress in the world. Then, however, she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco during a photoshoot at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She married him and became the Princess of Monaco.

Tying the knot with a prince meant her acting career was over.

Kelly did resemble a princess her whole life. She wasn’t only beautiful, but elegant, gracious, and loved by many. She and Prince Rainier had three children together, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Princess Stéphanie.


When she was just 52 years old, Princess Kelly was killed in a car accident after suffering a stroke and losing control of the car. Luckily, her daughter Stephanie who was in the vehicle survived.

Kelly had 11 grandchildren, all of which inherited her beauty and style. One of them, however, 20-year-old Camille Gottlieb, daughter of Princess Stephanie, seems to resemble her famous grandmother the most.


Camille’s incredible looks and the fact her grandma was one of the most beloved actresses in America made her sort of famous as well. She loves posting photos of her and her family on her Instagram account which is followed by over 70,000 people.

Many agree that her blonde hair and her blue eyes remind them of those of Kelly. We can definitely see the resemblance.

When Camille’s parents had her they weren’t married, so that means she’s not eligible for the Monegasque throne, but that doesn’t make her less of a princess.


Kelly would have so much to be proud of if she was still alive.

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