Firemen save 8 Labrador pups from drain: Then they realise they’re not dogs at all

Animal rescue can be incredibly stressful and challenging at the same time.


The animal in question may occasionally find itself in an embarrassing situation. Frequently, it may be a tree, occasionally a prickly bush; in the worst situations, young animals have managed to escape from their moms and found themselves in really small areas.

People that are persistent, precise, and cautious are needed in these unpleasant situations.

Maybe this explains, in part, why firefighters are so adept at rescuing animals who are stuck.


When fire captain Brian Vaughan received an alarm call last week, he recognized the urgency of the situation right away.

Eight small black puppy dogs were discovered trapped in a drain well. The callers thought that their owners had left a litter of black Labrador puppies in the pipe.


The fire department arrived, and twenty minutes later, all of the animals had been successfully removed from the drain. They seemed to be in good health and were later sent to the Humane Rescue Organization located in the Pikes Peak Area.



People didn’t realize they hadn’t saved any dog puppies until then. The black puppies had really grown into a ball of crimson.


Vaughan told Denver’s CBS that “one of the vets there said: ‘No, these are not labradors, they’re foxes.’”

This litter was discovered in the Rocky Mountain region, which is a very common habitat for foxes.


The manager of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife District, Travis Sauder, told CBS4 he is not shocked that the firefighters were called. not that the foxes were initially discovered.

“A lot of animals are starting to have their young this time of year, and they have them in small dens that are places that we can encounter when we’re doing our favorite outdoor recreation,” Sauder said.


The foxes will be returned to the pipe, according to Sauder, in the hopes that their mother will come back to tend to them.

In the hopes that the mother is still in the neighborhood and can resume her regular responsibilities, we will return these animals to the location where we found them. We can take children to a licensed re-hab facility if the mother is no longer there, Sauder added.

Such misunderstandings concerning wildlife are not unusual, therefore before attempting to intervene on your own, it is always preferable to call a professional to identify the animal in question. Unfortunately, in situations like this one, good intentions can occasionally make matters worse for wild creatures.

These fox cubs should soon be reunited with their mother, hopefully. If you adore animals of all types, please LIKE and SHARE!

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