An 11-year-old lost his life after participating in a new social media trend. Now, his parents are warning others about the everyday household item that took their son’s life. They need help to spread their message so no more lives are lost. Rest in peace, little one. Check Comments

Sometimes, social media is a dangerous place to be.

11-year-old Tommie-Lee Billington lost his life after completing a popular TikTok challenge.

The boy from Lancaster, England, was at a friend’s house for a sleepover on Saturday when they discovered the challenge on the app TikTok and decided to try it themselves. Sadly, the TikTok craze went tragically wrong and Tommie lost his life.

The challenge involves inhaling dangerous gases or solvents that cause a high. Examples include dry shampoo, spray deodorant, and glue.

The moment Tommie inhaled the gas, he went into cardiac arrest and died instantly.

“The hospital did everything to try and bring him back but nothing worked. He was gone,” his grandmother, Tina Burns said.

“He had a heart of gold just like his dad. Our family is utterly devastated.”

The Sun

Tommie’s mum Sherri said the trend cost her her son’s life, and begged parents not to let their kids use this social media app.

“This cost my son his life from trying something other kids are doing. Please talk to your children about the consequences of this. It is beyond me why anyone would even try this! It’s so dangerous!” the heartbroken mother posted on Facebook.

“I have never felt pain like this. My whirlwind. I just love you so much mate. My baby boy. You will forever be in my heart. I will make sure to the best of my ability that your name and your beautiful face will become the reason that other children’s lives will be saved and other families don’t have to suffer this deep, deep hurt,” she concluded her post that brought many to tears.

The Sun

This isn’t the first tragic incident result from this particular challenge. Another girl, 13-year-old Esra Haynes died in the same tragic manner.

Rest in peace, Tommie.

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