Amazing!❗️A teenager build for himself a small house of only 89 squares.Look what does it look like inside. You will be amazed how cozy and nice it is inside Go down in the comments below to see the photos

Meet Luke Thiull, an extraordinary 13-year-old from Iowa whose interests are very different from those of a normal teenager.

Luke has taken an unusual trip, spending around $1,500 USD to build his own small paradise in his parents’ backyard, whereas most children his age are engrossed in a variety of activities.


Luke’s decision to take a more conventional and hands-on approach is incredibly motivating in a time when digital devices and game consoles rule the world. He explores the inspiration behind his mini-house project and how boredom inspired his artistic attempt on his dedicated YouTube channel.

Luke is a true entrepreneur—he raises money for his initiative by doing odd jobs, hosting internet fundraisers, and cutting lawns. He worked hard to gather the resources and money needed to realize his idea over the course of a year.

Working with a friend who knew a lot about electrical systems, Luke made a barter-style trade convert his garage. He made use of repurposed materials, such as pieces left over from his grandmother’s home and a front door that his uncle’s buddy kindly gave him.

The tiny residence, which is about 89 square feet in size, has power but no plumbing at this time. It’s a great hideaway for Luke after school since, despite its small size, it has all the necessities, including a microwave, TV, bed in the loft, and a barbecue in the backyard.

Luke’s parents were helpful in that they made sure he was responsible for covering the majority of the expenses and provided advice and financial support. Greg, Luke’s father, believes that his son learns important life lessons from the initiative that go beyond standard schooling.

Luke Thiull’s tale demonstrates the potential of young brains with well-defined objectives, exemplary work ethics, and a modicum of parental guidance. Please share and spread the inspiration if you are as fascinated with Luke’s tiny house trip as we are!

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