A primary school music teacher called Mike shocked the nation during his Britain’s Got Talen audition with his ridiculously good singing skills. Mike told the judges he teaches primary school children how to sing and he is more worried about what his year 6s would say about his audition – rather than the judges. However, as Mike prepares to start singing, he pulls up his hood and a big picture of James Blunt appears in the background. When he opened his mouth to sing everyone instantly realized Mike wasn’t just your average singer as he pulls out an audition that is currently going viral – racking up 1 million views in a matter of days. Watch video below

Mike Woodhams, a cherished primary school music teacher, dazzled everyone on Britain’s Got Talent 2024 with his distinctive act. Far from being just a singer, Mike demonstrated his exceptional skills as a music impressionist, seamlessly mimicking legends from Boyzone to Anastacia. His performance was a delightful blend of humor and musical talent, enhanced by quirky props and spot-on impressions.

A standout moment of Mike’s audition was his synchronization with James Blunt’s 2004 music video for “You’re Beautiful.” As the video played silently in the background, Mike sang live, creating the illusion that Blunt was lip-syncing to his voice. This creative performance technique not only entertained the audience but also showcased Mike’s remarkable vocal ability and inventiveness.

Judge Bruno Tonioli praised Mike’s act as “the best vocal impressions I’ve heard in a very, very long time,” highlighting both his vocal range and the element of surprise in his performance. Alesha Dixon was equally impressed, especially noting his skill in impersonating both male and female voices with equal expertise.

Watch the video below to witness Mike Woodhams’ unforgettable audition, a perfect blend of comedy, impressions, and extraordinary vocal talent.

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